Whitechapel AR – Jack The Ripper.

I was asked several weeks  ago to be involved (for free) to work on a mixed reality app called The Whitechapel Tales AR by 1888, London: An augmented reality experience covering the history and a story of the Whitechapel area in London.It was for a pitch which we presented to Digital Catapult,

Digital Catapult is a government technology innovation Centre that has been created to lead the UK economy through the practical application of digital innovation.

Digital Catapult had 100’s of entries but luckily ours was one of twenty selected. This means that a very small budget was issued ( not for payment of people’s time / work but more to purchase music / assets to make the concepted work… better))

I was asked to create the UI for the app which I did over a weekend and it is now in development. The development is a mixed reality app that will allow users to go to the murder spots of jack the ripper, open your phone and point your camera at the murder site to then be whisked back into the 1800’s and as if you’ve just stumbled across the murder.