NUFC – Kids Sporting Platform – Concept.

To view the tappable prototype visit here

The Challenge

How do you give young fans an engaging, entertaining and educational gateway, to follow their heroes and build lifelong relationships with your club?

The Solution

  • We believe we have found a way of keeping young fans engaged with your club, regardless of background, location or opportunities, whilst also building a lifelong relationship with your club’s brand.
  • Through carefully crafted content, engaging games that mimic basic traits of the sport, quizzes and a focus on health we will help guide and educate young cherries on the most popular sport in the world whilst allowing them to connect with their heroes and learn the values of the beautiful game.
  • Through a modular approach we will provide a tailored, uniquely designed experience for kids, combining existing content with new features to deliver a truly engaging youth experience all the way till they reach an age to cross over to the adult site.