GoPro – by Make Up For Ever.

Tappable Prototype and all UI: Here
Password: G0Pr016

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Over the past 10 days, I was brought in for a series of brainstorming sessions around this and how we would go about executing it, we looked at multiple facets that we felt MUFE should explore, with our main focus being on an Instagram style app where users are offered ( and rewarded in points) to try certain looks and styles that have been curated by ‘official’ partners (these can be MUFE artists / bloggers / famous make up artists / celebs ) this then allows users to view new styles / trends as well as participate and try to recreate the look, content can be created trough video or imagery. Other users can then vote up your effort whilst also being awarded them-self for voting / taking part.

Users would be similar to Instagram and Pinterest be able to follow people as well as explore new trends and popular styles.

We positioned this to be a global experience where users could accumulate enough points to be the top artists in their location I.e London / England / Europe / World giving the app ad enormous amount of room to grow and expand.

As usual we didn’t have a huge amount of time for the UX and UI and so Zeina produced a low Fi set of wireframes and a journey which we were all aligned too, and then it came to UI, I looked at a tonne of stuff online and current apps that are doing similar experiences.

I collected these into several boards which were to show my research into

  • News feed design
  • Leaderboard design
  • gamification
  • gesture based apps

I then scaled online for sites and apps that inspired me, these boards were

  • What is make up
  • Colour and texture
  • Font and usage

These then helped me set up my designs, I decided early on to let the vibrancy of the images do most of the work and to stay away from bold brash colours that interrupted the beauty of the posted content, I took huge inspiration from Instagram, vine, Pinterest, Facebook with the belief that I shouldn’t be reinventing the wheel when it works perfectly, designing for millennials who have grown up with these apps and know how to use them was an obvious enough reason to stick and design an app made up of the best bits!

And so please see below the Marvel link and password plus attached the mood slides I mentioned.

Tappable Prototype and all UI: Here
password: G0Pr016