easyJet – Next Generation Home Screen.

What we were trying to achieve:

Design proposals for a next generation app home screen that gives more flexibility to drive improvements in commercial performance & customer experience by being relevant and engaging.


Deliverables in 10 days:


From easyJet:

We are keen to position our ancillary and partner products with higher profile and we need more flexibility – currently only Cars (Europcar) and Hotels (Booking.com) have an exposure on our home screen.

We have a full list of modules / partners / offers / products / functionality that we want to surface on the home screen when relevant and make it personalised to the user

We currently have a home screen with dynamic tiles that adjusts to customer’s journey and pulls forward relevant messaging, but it needs to work harder and do more

We want the home screen to be more conversational/helpful/personalised one stop shop and increase the level of ‘self-help’



easyJet took our 10 days of strategy, UX and UI work, and have over the past 18 months slowly included many of our ideas into their worldwide app, easyJet were incredibly pleased of the work we completed and produced and told us that the 10 days of our time had helped to shape the future of their digital platform.