Audi Matcher.

Audi wanted to have some fun, they ask for an exciting new concept for picking the right car for you.

I created this winning concept that took the user through a series of interactive elements which resulted in their car choice.

From the initial screen asking which car the user was looking for they then had to interact with several elements.

– each of the images was a looping video
– users could control the weather, if they wanted an Audi good for the snow they’d be able to drag the handle to cover the landscape with snow.
– swiping left / right would add elements into the screen asking the user how adventurous they are.
– a video was shot of a model wearing 3 outfits but moving the same in each, this then was edited together to show a model in one set of movements but 3 outfits
– these small videos asked a user how they would relax which would push a better interior enetertainment system
– finally from a baby tapping the screen to a dog licking it we asked the user which extra features they needed i.e baby seat/dog net.