News America Marketing – Apple Pay.

The subject of mobile promotions and payments has received much attention in recent months. Both the collection and redemption of mobile coupons and vouchers, as well as NFC and BLE enabled smartphone payment systems now make the vision for one-touch-payments and redemptions via smartphone a potential reality for customers, retailers and CPG brands.

There are however, as always with significant technological advances, several barriers from the traditional redemption and payment infrastructure in place today that need to be negotiated and overcome in order to present a friction free customer journey leading to the widespread adoption of mobile redemption and payment.

The opportunity presented for NAM is to take a competitive lead in removing these barriers. We have collectively identified that both retailers and CPG brands are hungry for innovative ways to increase sales by leveraging mobile services through which they can make their customers’ lives easier. NAM, which holds established relationships with all parties, is uniquely positioned to emerge as the innovation facilitator and thus leader in this space.

The team was able to identify two key directions for exploration of this project: One working in complete partnership with Apple and one primarily building out the core experience ourselves.Both routes have advantages/disadvantages that we will lay out in this document, but overall both have tremendous promise.

This was a sprint project that was undertaken from brief to finished beta project, video and design.