Adidas – In-store Staff App.

The Adidas POC was built to demonstrate how retailers can use iBeacons in an in-store environment. For this demo, you’ll need both the Customer and Staff app – both must also be open before starting the demo. Please note – at present the demo is set up to just one beacon, so to demo this externally you’ll need to speak to one of the Innovation team.

A walkthrough of the demo can be found here…
Staff Demo:

– Having completed the steps on the Consumer app, the Staff app will display 2 alerts.
– Tap on Alerts and start by tapping on the hotspot on the right. Point out that we can have multiple alerts but in this instance you are not going to deal with Dave.
– Exit Dave and tap the hotspot on the right, which will bring up Jessica’s information.
– Tap ‘Already on it’ and it’ll take you back to the landing page.
– The other three options all have information which is worth clicking into and explaining – do this before finishing the demo.

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