Adidas – Customer App.

The Adidas POC was built to demonstrate how retailers can use iBeacons in an in-store environment. For this demo, you’ll need both the Customer and Staff app – both must also be open before starting the demo. Please note – at present the demo is set up to just one beacon, so to demo this externally you’ll need to speak to one of the Innovation team.
A walkthrough of the demo can be found here…

– Open the Adidas store.
– Tap ‘Enter’ on the landing page.
– Visit Saved, Downloads, and Store Plan to explain more about the app and set the scene.
– Pick up the trainer with the Estimote beacon inside, and put the iPhone close to it.
– Product Information will appear – tap ‘View More.’
– Tap ‘Assistance’ followed by ‘Yes Please’ when the message appears asking if you’d like someone to come over.
– Enter show size ‘4’ and click ‘Lets Go.’
– Consumer app demo concludes – switch to iPad.


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