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For 2 Years, Guy Designs Daily For His Instagram, Now Works With adidas And Nike

Video screenshots via stefanhuerlemannFor Swiss designer Stefan Hürlemann, his hard work of designing daily for his Instagram has truly paid off.

For the past two years, the graphic designer has been religiously uploading one artwork a day to his account @stefanhuerlemann. As his portfolio grew, so did the opportunities; today, Hürlemann has become part of the team designing for sports giants Nike and adidas.

The creative hasn’t been able to contain his excitement and shared the good news to Reddit’s ‘/r/graphic_design’ thread where he explained, “I started out with a challenge around two years ago where I tasked myself with designing something every. single. day. and putting on my Instagram for the world to see. “

“Why instagram? Because I searched for a place where I had this kind of «obligation» that I had to do it every day otherwise people might notice. I started out with doing just one hour of design a day, mostly crappy posters. Pushing myself every day was hard in the beginning and still is on some otherwise busy weeks. But in the end I learned tons, met a lot of awesome people and greatly improved my work ethic.”

“As well as improving myself I was amazed to see how many people seemed to like what I do and started following me. After a bit more than a year of doing this every day I started getting mails from design agencies to work as a freelancer on their projects. One of those was for the Nike Campaign you see in the OP. Naturally I was beyond excited as I always dreamed of being able to do creative work for Nike.”

Hearing about Hürlemann’s achievement has motivated other creatives to persevere in their work and to continue sharing their portfolios as well as being open to constructive criticism. The Swiss designer went on to dish additional tips and advice to fellow artists on the thread, which you can preview below.

Nike – So Many Ways to Air


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